Jan 14, 2019

013 - Dolmio airport

Andy Tallis joins Dao in the recording dungeon once more, because Mitch was off getting his toenails clipped. We lost the first few minutes of this episode, which probably isn't such a bad thing as it's our first SUPERQUIZ! Sad Party for all your info, or email sadpartypodcast@gmail.com with your Paula Abdul song requests.

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Jan 13, 2019

012 - Imprisonated

The first reverse Sad Party! Ytrap Das? Happy Funeral? Either way, Mitch asks Dao some questions from the Herald Sun quiz from December 24th 2018. Sad Party for info, and also email savoury pineapple recipes for Mitch to sadpartypodcast@gmail.com

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Jan 12, 2019

011 - Jack White and the beanstalk

Mitch and Dao talk about Two Feds One Cup, and why Greenpeace made a good decision to change their name. Herald Sun quiz from 29th December 2018! Sad Party and send hate-mail and abuse to sadpartypodcast@gmail.com

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Jan 11, 2019

010 - The Happiest Dwarf

Mitch hasn't heard of Anh Do. Mitch is an idiot. Mitch and Dao do the Herald Sun quiz from Mitch's birthday, December 20th 2018. Sad Party and hate-mail to sadpartypodcast@gmail.com

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Jan 10, 2019

009 - Koalamydia

Mitch and Dao are back together, they've kissed and made up! Contains a horrible attempt at the Herald Sun quiz from December 19th 2018. Sad Party or hate-mail to sadpartypodcast@gmail.com

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Jan 6, 2019

008 - Irish pesos

No Mitch today! Dao is joined by Andy Tallis, the most attractive person to ever grace the Sad Party recording dungeon, to do the Herald Sun quiz from December 18th 2018. Andy is equally as useless as Dao and Mitch, so whenever Mitch is too cool to come play pretend radio, Andy will come play! Sad Party or send hate mail to sadpartypodcast@gmail.com

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