Episode 50, holy moly! This one was a special one. Dao and Mitch are joined once again by Ackie Rush and Andy Tallis. They do the quiz from the April 4th 2019 Herald Sun, and Ackie tells the boys about his first experience with a car licence.

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Dao and Mitch are joined by first time guest Ackie Rush, and later joined by returning guest Andy Tallis! They do the Herald Sun quiz from the March 20th 2019 issue.

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For episode 48, Dao and Mitch do something a little bit unique: they do the Herald Sun quiz! This one is from the March 26th 2019 issue.

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New Years Eve 2018 quiz time! Mitch and Dao do the quiz from the December 31st 2018 Herald Sun issue.

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Mitch and Dao do the quiz from the Herald Sun newspaper, from the March 18th 2019 issue. A previous guest of the podcast makes a quick phone appearance, and the guys fall down a Shrek rabbithole.

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Once again, Mitch and Dao do the Herald Sun quiz, and don't do a very good job of it. This one is from the April 3rd 2019 issue. German quark!

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