062 - Adult nappies

Mitch denies growing up in hobo lifestyle, and Dao tells Mitch a horrible story about his disgusting friends on a wakeboarding trip. They also do the quiz! This one is from the 21st of June 2019 issue of the Herald Sun.

Mitch and Dao eat some food! Also, they do the quiz from the 26th June 2019 Herald Sun.

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060 - Blippi

Dao and Mitch discuss a 'crappy' way to get more views on Youtube, and do the Herald Sun quiz from June 27th 2019.

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059 - Samboy Chips

So, do Samboy Chips even exist any more? What about Muncheros? Dao and Mitch do the quiz from the April 20th 2019 issue of the Herald Sun.

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Dolphins are the worst. Mitch and Dao do the quiz from the Herald Sun, May 27th 2019 issue.

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057 - Kidcast

Dao's kids Max and Wes insisted on being in an episode of the podcast. Finally, some intelligence is brought to the table.

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