038 - Parasites

Dao and Mitch are joined by the youngest guests to ever grace the Sad Party podcast dungeon to do the Herald Sun quiz from the February 12th 2019 issue. Mitch is horrified at some crash footage from the Le Mans car race in the 1950s - if you can handle terrible things, go to http://bit.ly/lemanscrash to watch the incident!

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The short, sad story of a true idiot. Prabhu Bhatara of India had a run-in with a bear.

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Mitch and Dao do the quiz from the January 29th 2019 issue of the Herald Sun. Morse Code sucks.

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Mitch and Dao do the Herald Sun quiz from the October 15th 2018 edition. Gary Tablett.

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Dao and Mitch do the quiz from the March 14th 2019 issue of the Herald Sun. Dr Karl for omnipresent overlord! Sad Party for more info.

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Again, once more, Brad Curry (of celebrity chef fame) joins Dao and Mitch in the sad dungeon for another Herald Sun quiz. This quiz was from the December 28th 2018 issue. Mitch also insisted that Dao and Brad have an arm wrestle. Check our Youtube channel for the video!

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