Mitch unleashes his inner redneck once more with tales of the 'games' that he used to play.

A baby appeared, and Mitch leaked fluid that is supposed to stay inside.

Mitch needed a wee after the guys having a burger at House Of Burgers in Berwick, so when they stopped at a shopping centre Dao decided to set up the microphones and the camera. Episode ashamedly brought to you by BWS.

Another on-location episode, Mitch and Dao get burgers from House Of Burgers in Berwick. The audio is a little wobbly in this one too, as the mics weren't really connected properly! Dao and Mitch are stupid.

072 - Midhusband

The audio in this one isn't the greatest, as it was recorded in a coffee shop. How original, a podcast in a coffee shop. Also, the microphones didn't work, and also Dao and Mitch have no idea how to speak properly anyway. Dao tells Mitch a lot of detail about pregnancy and childbirth that Mitch really didn't want to know.

071 - Clawpisode

Claw joins Dao and Mitch for another garage rant. This one involves lots of BMX, as per usual!

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